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Information and Communication

Information Technology @ Its Utmost

ICT Integration
BINA NUSANTARA integrates ICT (Information and Communication Technology) into various educational aspects, such as its curriculum. This integration is one of its strength and gives BINUSIANS an additional value of becoming the most tech-savvy graduates in Indonesia.

At BINA NUSANTARA, ICT is integrated into several means like:

Students are granted access to BINUS Maya, a Learning Management System (LMS) that supports the Multi Channel Learning system. Through BINUS Maya, students can access their class schedules, grades and lecture materials, join online discussions, and submit their assignments.

BINUS TV has more than 20 attractive independent programs that can be watched on a wide-screen TVs available around Anggrek Campus, JWC, BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Simprug and Serpong. It is also accessible as a live streaming from

Associate Members (Metamorph Program)
Metamorph is an integrated IT training and internship program designed specifically for BINUS UNIVERSITY students. Its members, also known as Associate Members, are given extensive training of current technology and involved in solving real-world IT projects. The program grooms students to become proficient IT professionals.

It is a place where people from universities, research institutions, businesses, and government  institutions meet  in a continuing research environment. Research-Lab! was established in the effort of bridging the gap between research communities, businesses and government. Having students as its main enforcing resources, it aims to bridge the gap between research communities, businesses and government, as well as utilizing technologies for the benefits of human kind.

BINUS @ccess
BINUSIAN can enjoy the internet and intranet access within 2 kilometers radius of the campus. This facility is armed with 60 Mbps international link bandwidth and 1 Gbps local link bandwidth. Through, BINUSIANS can access the following features:

  • Blog.BINUSIAN: a place to improve students’ blogging skills
  • Bee-Watch: a technology that enables BINUSIANS to access national TV programs anywhere through the internet.
  • Bee-Phone: communication application that enables someone to communicate through computers and mobile devices.
  • Bee-Tube: a site where BINUSIANS are able to share movies, videos, music, images, etc.

Embedded with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and flazz network, the BINUSIAN smart card not only functions as an identity card for the students, lecturers and employees, it also serves as a payment card, enables automated transaction in the library and facilitates class attendance and parking system.

Digital Library
Having preeminent technology being used by Library & Knowledge Center (LKC), the Digital Library provides online access to journals, textbooks, thesis abstracts and other education and research related resources. IT also enables students, researchers or lecturers to conduct self-automated book circulation.



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